Partners & Testimonials

Name: IBC Scout 

IBC Scout is internet service for promotion of basketball players and coaches. This service is part of Sports Association IBC from Belgrade, Serbia.


SportJobz is the sports LinkedIn. Evolving the way sports industry recruits. By seamlessly connecting athletes to professional teams through on-line service. Our platform enables sports players get huge exposure to wide range of teams, thus becoming proactive about their career progression. Sport teams benefit from access to a global pool of athletes and a search engine that allows them to filter and compare prospective athletes using advanced analytic tools.From our founding in 2012 to our launches in over 130 countries today, SportJobz rapidly expanding global presence continues to bring athletes and teams well connected.


Name: Neil Baldwin

Former player and Mascot for Stoke City FC

“…It all starts with a dream! It has worked for me that way. And once the momentum is picked, it just gets better… Supreme Sport Management is on the path to success. It has all the ingredients to make it – energy, young and motivated talent and most importantly – A DREAM !!! “

Name: Don Robinson

"We have started to work with Supreme Sport Management and have initiated conversations for the initial check-up and eventual transfer of players to interested European and Asian football clubs. The relationships that Supreme Sport Management have with one particular top Spanish club is expected to prove rather beneficial. We are getting directly to their scouts and this quick speed to market  opportunities has been vital in our case. "

Don Robinson

 Former chairmen of Hull City and Scarborough